The buses in Paksong
The buses in Paksong.

From Paksong its easy to travel to Attapeu, Pakse, Savannakhet and Vientiane.

At the market square are always songtows waiting for Pakse and Tatheng.
On the mainroad are every hour normal buses to Pakse and Attapeu and at the end of the afternoon is a special overnight sleeping bus to Vientiane.

Paksong is a small village, there are NO tuk-tuks or motorbike taxi's

Paksong, the laos coffee capital
King of the road, directly from Vientiane to Paksong and Attapeu
The overnight VIP sleeping bus from Attapeu to Vientiane v.v. stops between 5 and 6.30pm at the main road in Paksong
Bolaven Plateau

Southern Laos.

Plateau des Bolovans

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  • Songtows are leaving every hour from the market in Paksong to Pakse, Tatheng and other destinations.
  • Normal and VIP buses pass 'every hour' from Attapeu to Pakse vv, they stop on the main road.
  • The overnight VIP bus from Attapeu to Vientiane v.v. stops between 5 and 6.30pm only after reservation in Paksong.
Buses in Paksong
Buses in Paksong
to Paksong
Southern bus station "KM 8" in Pakse
From Pakse to Paksong - Tatheng - Sekong - Attapeu
Until 4 p.m. there are a lot of small and big busses in the direction of Attapeu, those busses will stop also in Paksong.
At 3.15 p.m. the VIP bus to Attapeu leaves, this bus stops also in Paksong, Tatheng and Sekong.

The latest bus at around 4 p.m. is the slow bus from Vientiane to Attapeu which stops also in Paksong.

This is the former muddy busstation at the east part from the town, since 2009 its a renewed busstation with a Bank, some shops and an indoor ;) toilet area
From Pakse to Paksong and Tatheng
"busstation" at the Big Market in Pakse
From the big market in Pakse are local busses leaving to Paksong before 11 a.m. and sometimes a little bit later....

Between 11 am and 4 pm the song-tows leaving from the "KM 8" bus station from the parking behind the bus terminal.

With the song-tow from Pakse to Paksong
The city map from Paksong
Map from the Laos Coffee Capital Paksong
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